Refill Instructions

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Refilling Tips

CAUTION: Ink is permanent. Work over paper towel or absorbent material to catch any ink which drips or
leaks during refill process.

Before refilling become familiar the refill kit contents.

Avoid contact with any of the cartridges metal contacts. Oil from fingers may interrupt contact with printer.
Clean contacts with a damp lint-free cloth.

Remove ink jet cartridge from printer before refilling.

It is best to check cartridge periodically and add ink.

Try to avoid allowing cartridge to run dry. Refill as soon as possible.

Be certain to inject ink SLOWLY to avoid creating air bubbles which can cause poor printing results.

After using refill bottle, replace cap to store remaining ink for future use.

Sealed filling holes must be airtight to avoid ink leaking out of cartridge. DO NOT install a leaking
cartridge into printer.

If your printer is not listed, try to find listing of printer’s cartridge number.

Immediately replace cartridge in printer then follow specific instructions in printer user manual.

Cleaning or priming cycles may need to be performed more than once for some cartridges.

Photo inks are used ONLY in cartridges that use photo ink.

Additional Information

Manufacturer's Safety Data Sheet - PI9CYMKcm

Manufacturer's Safety Data Sheet - 500-CLS

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