Inkjet Cleaning Solution

Cleaning the printhead of your inkjet cartridge may be necessary to achieve satisfactory print. The IMS Cleaning
Solution is formulated for cleaning/removing dried ink from inkjet printheads.

For black cartridges

Soak printhead in a small amount of cleaning solution (such as a very shallow saucer or container). Remove
cartridge from cleaning solution after 5 to 10 minutes and wipe printhead clean with a water dampened paper
towel. Allow printhead to dry, then install in printer and perform printer cleaning cycle. (See printer user manual.)

For multi-color cartridges

Fold a paper towel twice (4 layers) and place in sink. Saturate towel with cleaning solution. Place cartridge
printhead on the treated towel. Remove cartridge after 3 to 5 minutes and blot (do not wipe) with a dry paper
towel. Carefully press a dry paper towel (3 to 4 layers) against printhead, hold for about 10 seconds and remove.
All three ink colors should have released and be visible on paper towel.